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Sidestand Switch Problems
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Blinking Kickstand Indicator

My kickstand warning indicator continues to blink with the kickstand uo, but the engine will shut off when I put the kickstand down in gear. Is there a quick fix? Can I disconnect? If so, how?

Answer - Scott MacMartin

The sidestand switch has two separate circuits, one to turn off the engine, and a separate one to activate the monitor. I would recommend that the switch be replaced, since it is a fairly easy job to complete.

Side Stand Cutout

Here's a question for the trouble shooters on the Venture page: Today I took the afternoon off with the intention of having a nice little ride in the country..I knew my battery was low, and before I left I made sure there was adequate water in the cells. There was.

Surprisingly, after a little cranking the bike started up...I let it idle for a while, on the side stand, while I came in to put on my jacket..When I came out, I put my helmet and gloves on, hopped on, and the minute the bike was level the engine quit...Hit the starter button...Dead as can be..No warning panel lights at all..Hmmm...

Put the weight back on the side stand and the panel comes alive..Hit the starter and it fires up again..Level it once more and kick up the stand and the engine quits..Light it up once more, and drive away while I'm pulling up the stand with my foot...We keep on going. An hour or so ride, and shut it off when I get home..Open the garage door and soon as I fire it up the battery warning light goes on...Stays on for a minute or so, and then goes out..

Any thoughts?

Bill Jermyn Bethlehem, PA
'85 Venture Royale

Answer - Scott MacMartin

Hi Bob and Bill

This is the first problem that I ever experienced with my Venture (1984). The problem occurred in 1987 when I had about 50 thousand kilometers on the bike (about 30 thousand miles). I can guarantee you that the sidestand switch is the problem. I would very strongly suggest that you replace the sidestand switch, rather than try and fix it.

The sidestand switch is connected to the frame right near your left foot, and held in place by one of those large phillips screws (#1 I think). Anyway, that is the problem.

If you do not replace the part, your Venture will suddenly believe that you put your sidestand down and leave you stranded at the side of the road - or worse yet will turn off the engine as you are passing a tractor trailer at 70mph -- and under those circumstances you will have to buy the part right away and also purchase some new underwear.

And yes, I purchased new underwear that year.


.........Scott MacMartin Ottawa, Canada

Stuck Sidestand Switch

The side stand safety switch was bypassed when I bought my Royale. I just today got around to looking at it. I pulled the switch and it was not operating at all. Pulled the little rubber boot to see what I could see and the switch operated perfectly. It was actually the boot restricting the operation of the switch, not moving out enough to close the contacts. Rearrainged the boot a bit, hooked everything up and it works great. Just thought I'd pass this along. That switch means nothing to alot of people, but if one ever pulls away with the stand down, they will at best need a new pair of BVD's. Jack


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