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Air Pump For Forks & Shock
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I need the name of an air pump that will work in filling up my shocks to max pressure, or close to it. I've used a bike hand pump but for some reason when i remove the air connection and measure the air pressure in the shock, I never can get a reading. don't hear any leaking and the connections seem tight. already have max air in tires and need more in shocks, I'm a big man.
thanks all

Here what many of us use:

I got the 0 to 60 lbs model in case I needed to inflate a tire with it. Still precise enough to put 6lbs in the front shock. Seems well made also.
Gary Mace - '02 Midnight RSV - '97 Virago 535

IMHO the progressive 0-60psi can't be beat. You can use it on everything, I use mine the most on checking and fine tuning tire air pressure. I don't recommend trying to put air into a tire with it unless you have to but the guage and bleeder valve let you adjust quickly and accurately. Gunny

I highly recommed the Progressive 0-60 psi hand pump. It has a double 0-ring seal that prevents leakage when disconnecting the pump. It's a little pricy but its quality pays for itself over years of use. sgtglenn

I three can recommend the progressive 0-60. Glenn is correct on it being a little pricy, but I've learned over the years, paying for something that will give you years of trouble free use is better than going cheaper and buying it twice. I have a feeling that trying to pump a tire up will be a very long night, but it's better than nothing.
Ron Wickery


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